Some months ago, we announced the departure of Stuart Elden and the arrival of Alexander Vasudevan and Darshan Vigneswaran as Editors of Society and Space. We now have many more changes in our team to announce, including changes in Editors, Review Editors, and Editorial Board members.

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Some months ago, we announced the departure of Stuart Elden and the arrival of Alexander Vasudevan and Darshan Vigneswaran as Editors of Society and Space. We now have many more changes in our team to announce, including changes in Editors, Review Editors, and Editorial Board members.

First, and sadly, Deborah Cowen has recently stepped down, after seven years as one of our Editors. Deb brought a wonderful, collaborative spirit to her editorial work, as well as a strong commitment to fostering inspiring and adventurous writing, especially from junior scholars. She also brought a keen awareness of the problematic political economy of academic publishing, of the challenges of producing critical scholarship in the contemporary university, of the value of public scholarship, and of the importance of championing work that makes theory speak to social justice imperatives. Her influence will be evident in the journal’s pages, and on this open site (see, for example, the forums on Occupy and Militarism that she convened, and the virtual theme issue on Geo-political economy that she co-edited) for a long time to come. We wish her well in all her future endeavours and, though her voice in our near daily email correspondence and frequent skype meetings is sorely missed, we are very pleased that she will continue to work with us as an Editorial Board member.

We also bid farewell to Review Editors Veronica Della Dora and Kathryn Yusoff and thank them for their efforts to commission book reviews, commentaries, forums and more over the last few years. We are especially grateful for Veronica’s devoted commitment to posting reviews of books in a variety of languages and want to recognize the hard work she has done to ensure the open site’s vibrancy since 2012.In their place, we are delighted to announce new Review Editors Bobby Benedicto and Lauren Martin.


Bobby is Assistant Professor of Media and Sexuality at McGill University. His research is located at the intersections of queer theory, critical race theory, cultural geography, and cultural anthropology. Bobby’s first book, Under Bright Lights: Gay Manila and the Global Scene (University of Minnesota Press, 2014) received the 2015 Ruth Benedict Honorable Mention Prize for queer anthropology and was a finalist for the 2015 LAMBDA Literary Award for LGBT Studies (see a review forum on it here). He is currently working on two new book projects: “Queer Afterlives: Dictatorship Architecture, Transgender Performance, and the Place of the Dead” and "Fatal Sex: Essays on Queer Necroaesthetics."


Lauren recently completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Geography at the University of Oulu (Finland) and is now a Lecturer in Geography at the University of Durham. Her research explores the spatial politics of US noncitizen family detention, the geopolitics of migration control, and the government of intimacy. She has also published on detention visitation, anti-detention organizing, and security in outlets such as Environment and Planning A, Geopolitics, Social and Cultural Geography, and Gender, Place and Culture.

Finally, we offer our sincere thank you to our outgoing Board members for their contributions to the journal and open site. Their years of work have helped us to maintain Society and Space’s commitment to conceptually innovative and politically engaged scholarship. They are: Deborah Bird Rose, Emily Brady, Justin Clemens, Mathew Coleman, Marieke de Goede, Mustafa Dikeç, Marcus Doel, Roxanne Doty, Juliet Fall, Peter Gratton, Craig Jeffrey, Shiloh Krupar, Abidin Kusno, Achille Mbembe, Eduardo Mendieta, Marie-Eve Morin, Patricia Noxolo, Ananya Roy, Elena Trubina, Anna Tsing, Cindy Weber, and Haim Yacobi.

Our new board reflects our continuing commitment to disciplinary, topical and geographical diversity. Further, commensurate with the demands presented by rising numbers of manuscript submissions, and our commitment to offering additional, open access content through this open site, we have expanded the board membership. We are pleased to welcome the following scholars to our new Editorial Board and look forward to working closely with them during their 3-year terms:Aren Aizura (Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, University of Minnesota)Teo Ballvé (Peace and Conflict Studies, and Geography, Colgate University)Gautam Bhan (Indian Institute for Human Settlements)Joe Bryan (Geography, University of Colorado)Brenda Chalfin (Anthropology, University of Florida)Rosemary Collard (Geography, Concordia University)Melinda Cooper (Sociology and Social Policy, University of Sydney)Deborah Cowen (Geography, University of Toronto)Ayona Datta (Geography, University of Leeds)Ilse Helbrecht (Geography, Humboldt University)Caleb Johnston (Geography, University of Edinburgh)Anja Kanngieser (Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research, University of Wollongong)Anja Karlsson Franck (School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg)Nadim Khoury (Philosophy, Arctic University of Norway)Ashok Kumar (Geography, Queen Mary University of London)Loren Landau (African Centre for Migration and Society, University of the Witwatersrand)Angela Last (Geography, University of Glasgow)Agnieszka Leszczynski (Environment, University of Auckland)Francis Nyamnjoh (Anthropology, University of Cape Town)Rupal Oza (Women and Gender Studies, Hunter College)Álvaro Reyes (Geography, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)Álvaro Sevilla Buitrago (Urban and Regional Planning, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)Rashad Shabazz, (School of Social Transformation, Arizona State University)Kendra Strauss (Labour Studies and Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Simon Fraser University)Zoe Todd (Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University)Helen Wilson (Geography, University of Manchester)Woon Chih Yuan (Geography, National University of Singapore)--Natalie Oswin, Managing Editor (on behalf of the editorial team)

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