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Politics & Political Theory

A Forty Year Moment: The 2019 Uprisings In Iran And The Wake Of The 1979 Revolution

In the early hours of Friday, November 15, 2019, Iranian state television broadcasted a message from the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution company, stating that, effective immediately, gas would be rationed across the country in addition to a fifty-percent increase to its price. Within twenty-four hours, there were protests in dozens of cities across Iran, in response to which the state-deployed riot police and security forces to quell them by any means necessary.



Feminist, Queer and Trans Geographies

Mi(E)S Conception: The Farnsworth House And The Mystery Of The Transparent Closet

Shortly after the completion of what will be one of Mies van der Rohe’s most famous American projects – the Farnsworth House, in Plano, Illinois – a local plumber visits the house to work on a recurrent leak.

Settler Colonial and Indigenous Geographies

Digital Enclosure And The Elimination Of The Oceti Sakowin: The Case Of The Dakota Access Pipeline

As the “Black Snake” known as the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) threatened entry onto the Sioux Nation 1851/1868 Treaty Territory at Standing Rock in 2016, images of an old yet ongoing war would circulate throughout the internet with the #NoDAPL and #StandwithStandingRock handles.

Urban and Urbanization

Critical Spatial Practice And Urban Poor Politics: (Re)Imagining Housing In A Flood-Prone Jakarta

‍In August 2016, behind the Maritime Museum in North Jakarta’s kota tua (old town), we walked into the neighborhood of Kampung Akuarium, or rather its ruins. The kampung – a term meaning village that is used in the urban context to describe self-built, semi-formal neighborhoods – and its 500 some residents had been forcibly evicted by the city government four months prior.



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