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Policing and Incarceration

The Abolition Geographies of COVID-19

The lack of housing for returning residents reveals the intertwining crises of our housing and carceral systems—crises that COVID-19 exacerbates, but does not create. Though not often considered as part of the same struggle, housing constitutes a crucial piece of the abolitionist puzzle.


Madeleine Hamlin



Urban and Urbanization

Spaces of publicness and the world after the Coronavirus crisis

Being public is essential to social and political life. Political counterpublics, including the growing “climate public” and “mutual aid public,” will be part of any just post-Coronavirus future. As the crisis continues, they are building themselves through various spaces and spatialities of publicness.


Eugene McCann


The Nativist Contagion

Contemporary nativist logics, evident in the Right’s responses to coronavirus, stand poised to converge with a budding conservative climate politics that conveniently pitches the militarization of borders as a core piece of “our” contribution to combating a warming and unsteady world. Climate change looms as a powerful frame in the nativist politics of the future, and anti-immigrant sentiment is likely to flourish in the conservative environmentalism to come.


John Hultgren

Racialization and Racism

Octopus and Koala? Toward an Anti-racist Cultural Politics Against Yellow Perilism

Perhaps we do need a cultural politics of urban tastes. But perhaps what is more urgent right now is for geographers to engage in an anti-racist cultural politics against yellow perilism and all other forms of structural racism that the pandemic heightens.


Chuchen Pan



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