Infrastructure and Logistics

Foregrounds the built systems or networks that coordinate the circulation of things, people, money, and data into integrated wholes. Provides an analytical framework for critically interrogating the relation between built networks and their spatial mobilities, including attention to their institutional dimensions, political economies, and forms of life that interact with and reshape their geographies.

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Speculation on infrastructural ecology: Pigeons, Gaza, and internet access

This article proposes an Internet Pigeon Network as a prototype and a critique.


Helga Tawil-Souri

Pasturing dairy infrastructures in Northeastern Turkey: Pasture-cheesemaking, dairy technosciences and the Kars Kaşar Cheese

This article investigates the infrastructures of dairy farming and artisanal cheesemaking in rural Kars, Northeastern Turkey. Based on my 18-month ethnographic research on dairy farming and dairy sciences of pasture-cheeses of Kars, I conceptualize these dairy infrastructures as the material web of relations, which makes dairy production possible through sociotechnical practices of obtaining milk in pastures and crafting it into cheeses.


M Fatih Tatari

Scratch-and-sniff Palestine: How olfaction shapes nonsovereign infrastructural spaces

This article draws on fieldwork among Palestinian environmentalists, Palestinian Authority bureaucrats, and municipal employees between 2007 and 2017 to show how human bodies—and their interpreted and interpretive attunements—must figure in our investigations of infrastructural spaces in the Middle East and beyond.


Sophia Stamatopoulou-Robbins,

A diplomatic trip

Why do infrastructures remain in place if they do not perform the functions which compelled their design? If soft infrastructures such as diplomatic trips do not increase bilateral trade volumes, why do they stay on the agenda?


Gökçe Günel

On the iron cage: Infrastructural worlding in Mandate Palestine

Perhaps the most famous image of Palestinian life under the British (1917–1948) is that of the “iron cage.” This article holds on to the notion of the iron cage, but proposes to stretch its meanings in two directions.


Fredrik Meiton

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