Borders and Migration

On 'The City In The Age Of Trumpism:' Ananya Roy, interviewed by Malini Ranganathan and A. Naomi Paik

Devastating to families from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, in particular--countries where US meddling has long stoked the violence and instability that cause migrants to flee in the first place--this and other policies of the Trump era can be understood, as Ananya Roy has put it, as an ideological commitment to, and renewal of, “white power in statecraft”.


Malini Ranganathan and A. Naomi Paik


On Family Life And Capitalist Governance: Melinda Cooper, interviewed by Kelsey Johnson

Melinda Cooper is an associate professor in the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Sydney, Australia. Her research focuses on social studies of finance, neoliberalism, and the new social conservativisms.


Kelsey Johnson

Urban and Urbanization

On Improvisation, Southern Urbanism And Rhythms Of The Everyday: AbdouMaliq Simone, interviewed by Asha Best

AbdouMaliq Simone is an urbanist whose work explores the spatial and social compositions of urban regions, the production of everyday life for urban majorities, and the lives of Muslim working-class residents.


Asha Best



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