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Space after Deleuze, Review by Halit Evrim Bayindir

We might say that the nomad should be related to the eternal return, as Saldanha also attempts to do. This cannot take place by simply spatializing the eternal return, however, but only by supplementing the nomad with an eternal willing.


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Politics & Political Theory

Ethnographies of U.S. Empire, Review by Emma Shaw Crane

Engaging emerging, multidisciplinary conversations across anthropology, American studies, and postcolonial studies about how empire operates and endures, "Ethnographies of U.S. Empire" is a reflection both on empire and on ethnography. Together, the chapters make a case for ethnographic research as a way of studying empire, as a method that offers not a bounded or concise definition of what makes an empire, but rather an expansive sense of how people live with and within the imperial present.


Signs in the Dust: A Theory of Natural Culture and Cultural Nature by Nathan Lyons

What is strikingly novel in Signs in the Dust are Lyons' efforts to articulate and ground attempts to overcome the nature-culture binary by way of theories of signs found in the writings of three medieval and early modern thinkers. The scholastic semiotics of these three figures provides Lyons with the metaphysical means to find even in the very dust a physio-semiosis, or genuine exchange of signs.

Energy and Extraction

The Global Interior: Mineral Frontiers And American Power By Megan Black

Extensively researched, The Global Interior makes significant contributions to the growing body of scholarship that historicizes the relationship between natural resource sciences, empire, and nation building.


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