Settler Colonial and Indigenous Geographies

Writings that critically engage the distinct form of colonialism that functions through the displacement and elimination of indigenous lands and lives with a settler society, with particular focus on its ongoing spatial presence as a system of power. Entries in this section also attend to engagements with and within Indigenous communities that foreground indigenous resurgence, resistance, and self-determination.

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Dromoelimination: Accelerating settler colonialism in Palestine

This paper examines the eliminatory speed of Israeli settler colonialism, particularly the ways in which settler organizations aim to accelerate the pace of elimination at the colonial frontiers in Palestine.


Wassim Ghantous, Mikko Joronen

Refusing to relinquish: How settler Canada uses race, property, and jurisdiction to undermine urban Indigenous land reclamation

Drawing on an analysis of government records obtained using Access to Information and Privacy requests, key informant interviews, and a three-year engagement with land defenders and allies, we demonstrate how property and jurisdiction carved the contested space into distinct spheres of settler governing authority.


Paul Sylvestre, Heather Castleden

What is planning without property? Relational practices of being and belonging

Focusing on Canada as a settler colonial liberal democracy, I look at the Indian Act which has supported colonial dispossession and assimilation in Canada for almost 200 years and rely on Brenna Bhandar’s conceptualization of “racial regimes of property” as a means of examining how racial subjects and private property are co-produced.


Heather Dorries

Deepening counter institutions: Property, lands, relations, and the economic future of the Tŝilhqot’in

This article interrogates some of the logics and fundamental assumptions that underpin the arguments of liberal property rights enthusiasts, questioning their applicability to the values and aspirations of the Tŝilhqot’in people and First Nations broadly.


Anthony W Persaud

Soil, territory, land: The spatial politics of settler organic farming in the West Bank, Israel/Palestine

Turning attention to the Jewish settlers in the West Bank and their multiple uses and abuses of organic farming, this article explores epistemic and political spatial operations on the colonial frontier.


Rafi Grosglik, Ariel Handel, Daniel Monterescu

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