Politics & Political Theory

Interrogates the spatial dimensions of state power. Contributions analyze the material practices and modes of knowledge particular to anti-statist revolt, citizenship, bordering, interstate conflict, nationalism, political representation, segregation, sovereignty, surveillance, and warcraft among other areas. Especially attentive to demands for alternative forms of political life outside formal state channels.

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Beyond The Agamben Paradigm: The Spatial Logics Of Exceptionalism

This article considers how notions of space shape Giorgio Agamben’s Homo Sacer series and its thesis of sovereign violence. To do so, it examines the paradigm as Agamben’s principal methodological tool and theoretical frame.

Micropolitics and the minor

In an effort to reinvigorate a dialogue about these crucial but underplayed concepts, and in an effort to push a micropolitical ethos in and of itself, we introduce a forum composed of six short interventions by geographers engaged in matters of the minor and micropolitical.

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