Urban and Urbanization

Considers the spatial form and social processes of cities and urbanization with particular attention to the geographies and politics of building theories of the urban.

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‘Accumulation by appropriation’: The integration of recyclable-waste collector cooperatives in Salvador, Brazil, and the right to the city

This paper analyzes the intersection between waste, value, and the right to the city within the context of the Municipal Recycling Collection Program in Salvador, Brazil. It shows how the legal recognition of recyclable-waste collectors as legitimate workers and their integration into municipal practices of waste management has not materialized into improved working conditions and has done nothing to advance their struggle for the right to the city.


Maya Manzi, Joilson Santos Santana, Cristina Maria Dacach Fernandez Marchi

Perceptions of atmosphere: Air, waste, and narratives of life and work in Mumbai

Drawing on research in neighborhoods near Mumbai’s largest garbage ground, Deonar, we seek to advance a growing body of work on urban atmosphere. We examine how atmosphere operates materially and affectively through different and changing relations between air, waste, work, environment, and social conditions.


Priyam Tripathy, Colin McFarlane

Itinerant urbanization: On circles, fractals and the critique of segmented space

This article discusses the ways that Lefebvrian thinking on urbanization has found a purchase in Indian urban and anti-caste scholarship, and conversely, how compelling new figures of the urban have emerged from Indian scholarship that productively enliven Lefebvrian categories, refusing any separation between the experimentalism of everyday life and the political economy of space.


Thomas Crowley, D Asher Ghertner

Street Salafism: Contingency and urbanity as religious creed

Media representations such as the documentary ‘Undercover Mosque’ that aired on a British television channel in 2007 is a poignant example of how the banal, everyday life of religious spaces can be folded into – while also give succour to – such narratives.


Ajmal Hussain

Homeless shelters and the blues

In this article, I analyze the emergence of New York City’s infrastructure of homeless shelters dialectically, relationally, and historically.


Christian D Siener

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