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Ongoing Protests in Chile - The Chilean Society is ready for real Democracy

The protests in Chile have revealed multiple grievances and a call for “dignity” which has allowed to unify diverse social groups and their concerns against the hegemonic capitalist system.

Bio-austerity and solidarity in the covid-19 space of emergency - Episode Two

If there is something to be cared for in this renewed space of emergency, that thing is not just at the level of individual practice or help the ‘collective,’ but concerns imagining an undisciplined politics of inhabitation, that is, a politics that finds in limited control and circulations ways to counter-do austere fixtures.

Bio-austerity and Solidarity in the Covid-19 Space of Emergency - Episode One

Bioterity is not found only in the intimate biology of the self, and in one’s own essential incapacity to deal with these dynamics of genetics and infection, but also in the circulatory regimes between those intimacies and other wider ecologies.

The Explosivity of Kelp

Uncovering kelp’s hidden past as an ingredient in explosives may have the answer to preserving its future survival under climate change.

Residue and Restoration: Hiking through Militarized Landscapes

Along a hiking trail in Wisconsin, questions of military toxicity and colonial dispossession linger in efforts to restore the prairie.

The Militarized Campus Arboretum

Why did the US Army test bombs in a campus garden? Uncovering the militarized and colonial legacies of the land-grant university.

Selfies and Submarines: The Social Media of Military Recruitment

The Australian Navy pulls on the “inane gestures and aesthetics of social media” to normalize and expand military recruitment.

On Landmines and Suspicion: How (not) to Walk Explosive Fields

Improvised landmines in the Colombian hinterlands “provoke uncertainty and unknowability” – even after they’ve been removed.

Editors' Letter. Everyday Militarisms: Hidden in Plain Sight/Site

This Forum analyzes how militarism is both obscured and perceptible, particularly in “everyday life,” across diverse sites and histories.

Populism’s Grip on Being Political

In the UK, this movement has authorized itself around the claim that ‘the people’ want to leave the European Union. This poses a problem for oppositional movements, as making arguments for a cosmopolitan politics, a supra-national account of citizenship, and the movement of people across borders is now equated with rejecting the view of ‘the people’.