Foregrounds the constitutive role that various forms of cultural expression play in shaping the relationship between the social and the spatial. Provides a critical platform for investigating the nature of power, difference and oppression – how they are imagined and performed, opposed and subverted.

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(Tiny) spaces of hope: Reclaiming, maintaining, and reframing housing in the tiny house movement

This article explores the tiny house movement as a contemporary example of alternative housing practices. Within the stories women tell about their tiny house journeys, we uncover diverse prefigurative practices and politics, which in turn invoke an expanded sense of fairness and agency in and through housing.


Alice Wilson, Helen Wadham

A wizard of disquietude in our midst: Melanie Klein and the critical geographies of manic reparation

This article invites critical geographers to reconsider the conceptual offerings of Austrian-British object-relations psychoanalyst Melanie Klein (1882–1960), whose metapsychology has had a significant but largely unacknowledged contemporary influence on the field via theorists like Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick and Lauren Berlant.


David K Seitz

Awakening from the sleep-walking society: Crisis, detachment and the real in prepper awakening narratives

This paper explores the potential of prepper awakening narratives – the moment preppers ‘wake up' to the reality of crisis – to contribute to explorations of detachment and denial in the Anthropocene.


Kezia Barker

Points of persuasion: Truth spots in future city development

Focusing on three new administrative capitals in Southeast Asia – Putrajaya (in Malaysia), Naypyidaw (in Myanmar) and Nusantara (in Indonesia) – we show how places have been mobilized as points of persuasion, or what sociologist Thomas Gieryn has termed “truth spots”.


Tim Bunnell, Maitrii Aung-Thwin, Jessica N Clendenning, Daniel PS Goh, Nick R Smith

Estranged companions: Bed bugs, biologies, and affective histories

Here, we undertake an analysis of human-bed bug relations in order to both better understand this contemporary resurgence and critically examine the concept of “companion species.”


Gregory JS Hollin, Eva Haifa Giraud

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