Foregrounds the constitutive role that various forms of cultural expression play in shaping the relationship between the social and the spatial. Provides a critical platform for investigating the nature of power, difference and oppression – how they are imagined and performed, opposed and subverted.

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Points of persuasion: Truth spots in future city development

Focusing on three new administrative capitals in Southeast Asia – Putrajaya (in Malaysia), Naypyidaw (in Myanmar) and Nusantara (in Indonesia) – we show how places have been mobilized as points of persuasion, or what sociologist Thomas Gieryn has termed “truth spots”.


Tim Bunnell, Maitrii Aung-Thwin, Jessica N Clendenning, Daniel PS Goh, Nick R Smith

Awakening from the sleep-walking society: Crisis, detachment and the real in prepper awakening narratives

This paper explores the potential of prepper awakening narratives – the moment preppers ‘wake up' to the reality of crisis – to contribute to explorations of detachment and denial in the Anthropocene.


Kezia Barker

Estranged companions: Bed bugs, biologies, and affective histories

Here, we undertake an analysis of human-bed bug relations in order to both better understand this contemporary resurgence and critically examine the concept of “companion species.”


Gregory JS Hollin, Eva Haifa Giraud

A minor theory of direct action politics and performance in New Orleans’ economic justice movement

In this paper, I develop a minor theory that blurs boundaries between prefigurative direct action and symbolic performance to reconsider strategies for resistance and world-building.


Caroline Keegan

Hopes multiplied amidst decline: Understanding gendered precarity in times of austerity

Hope is not singular or fixed; instead hopes take multiple forms that constitute precarity. Drawing on interviews with white women ‘on benefits’ in the North East of England, in a period before Brexit, I explore different kinds of hope that surfaced in relation with neoliberal forces of, and beyond, austerity.


Ruth Raynor

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