Foregrounds the constitutive role that various forms of cultural expression play in shaping the relationship between the social and the spatial. Provides a critical platform for investigating the nature of power, difference and oppression – how they are imagined and performed, opposed and subverted.

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Commemorating economic crisis at a liminal site: Memory, creativity and dissent at Achill Henge, Ireland

This paper by Tim Edensor and Thomas SJ Smith draws on a case study of Achill Henge, County Mayo, Ireland, to examine the interplay between economic crisis, rebel creativity and shifting geographies of commemoration.


Tim Edensor, Thomas SJ Smith

Trashion treasure: A longitudinal view of the allure and re-functioning of discarded objects

I consider current reuse debates from a subcultural perspective, of inner-urban living in the late 1970s and 1980s. With the assistance of autoethnography, I delve into this urban subculture, known for its reliance on Do-It-Yourself.


Wendy S Shaw

Coastal homemaking: Navigating housing ideals, home realities, and more-than-human processes

Drawing on semi-structured walking interviews with 24 residents of a new coastal housing development in southern Sydney, Australia, the paper examines how coastal conditions and elements accelerate material decay, inciting and directing everyday homemaking practices: both proactive, in material selection, and reactive, in cleaning, repairing, maintaining, and replacing.


Charles Gillon, Leah Gibbs

Languages of sensing: Bringing neurodiversity into more-than-human geography

This paper contributes a perspective on academic inclusion as a neuro-diverse geographer working in a more-than-human context. In doing so, it seeks to open dialogue around the potential for neuro-diverse contributions to research by engaging reflexively with sensory ways of knowing and doing, and differences in how autistic and non-human social engagements are considered.


Sara M Judge

Consciousness as claiming: Practice and habit in an enigmatic world

Drawing upon the psycho-analytic work of Jean Laplanche, the paper argues that consciousness emerges as subjects reckon with existential problems that are as imminent to everyday life as the concrete problems and practical tasks.


Mitch Rose

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