Foregrounds the constitutive role that various forms of cultural expression play in shaping the relationship between the social and the spatial. Provides a critical platform for investigating the nature of power, difference and oppression – how they are imagined and performed, opposed and subverted.

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Voicing the environment: Latour, Peirce and an expanded politics

This paper takes work by Bruno Latour as the starting point from which to critically examine conceptual moves needed to develop a formulation of voice appropriate for an expanded environmental politics which expresses the interests of human and nonhumans alike.


George Revill

From death in the ice to life in the museum: Absence, affect and mystery in the Arctic

Ever since its disappearance in the mid-19th-century, the fate of the ‘Franklin expedition’ has attracted interest and intrigue. In this article, we conduct a side-by-side examination of two sites: the 1845 Franklin expedition in the Northwest Passage and the 2017 Death in the Ice exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, UK.


Ingrid A Medby, Jason Dittmer

Commemorating economic crisis at a liminal site: Memory, creativity and dissent at Achill Henge, Ireland

This paper by Tim Edensor and Thomas SJ Smith draws on a case study of Achill Henge, County Mayo, Ireland, to examine the interplay between economic crisis, rebel creativity and shifting geographies of commemoration.


Tim Edensor, Thomas SJ Smith

Trashion treasure: A longitudinal view of the allure and re-functioning of discarded objects

I consider current reuse debates from a subcultural perspective, of inner-urban living in the late 1970s and 1980s. With the assistance of autoethnography, I delve into this urban subculture, known for its reliance on Do-It-Yourself.


Wendy S Shaw

Coastal homemaking: Navigating housing ideals, home realities, and more-than-human processes

Drawing on semi-structured walking interviews with 24 residents of a new coastal housing development in southern Sydney, Australia, the paper examines how coastal conditions and elements accelerate material decay, inciting and directing everyday homemaking practices: both proactive, in material selection, and reactive, in cleaning, repairing, maintaining, and replacing.


Charles Gillon, Leah Gibbs

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