Investigates the way that nature is enrolled in, and a site of, social and cultural politics, attending specifically to discourses, governance and practice.

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Toxic landfills, survivor trees, and dust cloud memories: More-than-human ecologies of 9/11 memory

In foregrounding ecologies of “9/11” memory and memorialization, this essay draws on more-than-human approaches that emphasize how both human and nonhuman matter and memory emerge from and transform each other in and around lower Manhattan.


Jacque Micieli-Voutsinas, Julia Cavicchi

Illegible infrastructures: Road building and the making of state-spaces in the Colombian Amazon

In this paper, I draw attention to the ever conflicting and contingent nature of infrastructure building through an ethnographic account of the land conflicts present in an ongoing road project in the Colombian region of Putumayo.


Simón Uribe

Caribbean futures in the offshore Anthropocene: Debt, disaster, and duration

The devastating impacts of Hurricanes Irma and Maria across the Caribbean (especially in Barbuda, Dominica, Puerto Rico, St Martin/St Maarten, and parts of the British and US Virgin Islands) are haunting harbingers of a world of climate disaster, halting recovery, and impossible futures.


Mimi Sheller

Salmon, sensors, and translation: The agency of Big Data in environmental governance

This paper explores the emerging role of Big Data in environmental governance. We focus on the case of salmon aquaculture management from 2011 to 2017 in Macquarie Harbour, Australia, and compare this with the foundational case that inspired the development of the concept of ‘translation’ in actor-network theory, that of scallop domestication in St Brieuc Bay, France, in the 1970s.


Francisco Ascui, Marcus Haward, Heather Lovell

Environmentalists abide: Listening to whale music – 1965–1985

Music can enrich geographical efforts to understand ideology as a lived experience. This paper explores the history of whale music – instrumental music that samples or thematizes whale sound.


Max Ritts

Auditing the subjects of fair trade: Coffee, development, and surveillance in highland Chiapas

Third-party certifiers regulate the fair trade label, which is tied not only to price, but also to standards for production and development. In this paper, I examine these standards as they are deployed in self-declared autonomous communities in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico.


Lindsay Naylor

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