Thanks to all those who contributed, shared and read contributions to this site last year.

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Thanks to all those who contributed, shared and read contributions to this site last year.

Here are the top ten most read pieces that we published in 2018:

10. Mathew Coleman (ed). Review forum on Police: A Field Guide by David Correia and Tyler Wall.

9. EPD: Society and Space Volume 36, issue 3 announcement – Placing Planetary Urbanization in Other Fields of Vision special issue

8. Lauren Martin (ed). Forum – Walking Out! Teaching, Working and Striking on the Neoliberal Campus.

7. Essay – The new Silk Road and Logistical Geopolitics.

6. EPD: Society and Space Volume 36, issue 4 announcement – Turbulent circulation: Building a Critical Engagement with Logistics special issue

5. Alberto Toscano. Essay – The Mirror of Circulation: Allan Sekula and the Logistical Image.

4. Jen Bagelman and Jon Cinnamon. Essay – Border Enforcement and the University: A Conversation.

3. Deborah Cowen (ed). Forum – Investigating Infrastructures, Part II.

2. Phil Conway. Review of Isabelle Stengers’ Another Science is Possible: A Manifesto for Slow Science.

1. On Giving up on this World – Andrew Culp interviewed by Thomas DeKeyser

And here are some pieces from our archives that remained popular this past year:

6. Camilla Hawthorne and Brittany Meché. Making Room for Black Feminist Praxis in Geography – A Conversation

5. Ananya Roy. Divesting from Whiteness: The University in the Age of Trumpism.

4. Craig Dalton and Jim Thatcher. What does a Critical Data Studies look like, and why do we care?

3. Deborah Cowen. The city and the city (and the city): Infrastructure in the Breach.

2. Max Andrucki, Caitlin Henry, Will McKeithen, and Sarah Stinard-Keil (eds). Beyond Binaries and Boundaries in Social Reproduction, a forum.

1. On Black Negativity, or the Affirmation of Nothing – Jared Sexton interviewed by Daniel Colucciello Barber

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