ACCESSION CODE: ACA/GEO/21/IBG/CONF/2015/TEMPORAL-ANXIETY/BG-JL-KY/FFITEM Shattered piece of 21st C technology, possibly a primitive data storage device.PROVENANCE Our sanctioned return to Earth in the year 5000 of The Dark Lords of the Twin Moon recovered the ITEM from the time-sealed garbage room of what was perhaps once a university. <CORE CROSS REF "UNIVERSITY": Primitive data accumulation centre> ITEM’s time signature has 93.6% confidence.ANALYSIS Recoverable contents were limited to one data file only. Title of this file reads:

“RG$-IBG 2015: Future Fossils? Spcimns from th~ 5th millennium "R~turn to Earth" ~xpdition (???)” followed by a listed author itinerary. Reconstructed itinerary reads: “JzTarq, Coll~g~ London, Matrim???ir / Body Beis~l, Germany Bag / Hayd~n Lormr300BC onto / Walker (???) rodents s3arch of animals / Crud# cat#gori#s, Mari Fannin / Clin McFarlan~ Slumurban / Conaint~r architcturs Harris London, E / “elegantly” what Wakefi~ld Johnson USKA / Prterbations, Queen Pritchard, 2325789 / Geology” Jermy Bln, Eth Scott Switzerland / Dwyermaker, forens~c / Alert Temporal Paradox.”

CONTEXT Little is known of this period in Earth history, as all records were righteously purged from the CORE in the 6th Quamar of the Dark Lords of the Twin Moon (commonly known as the 6th Cosmic Revolution). Heretical archivists in the galactic rim worlds do however retain some fragmentary data from these pre-purge times. Through our subsidiaries we have collated some of these non-sanctioned records—of dubious provenance no doubt—for contextual reasons. <NOTE: Full approval for this research was granted through our Sanctioning Review Board; in accordance with Standing Edict Eleven the heretical outposts were thoroughly cleansed after we had extracted the data>DISCUSSION During this period Earth is understood as a "home" world <CORE CROSS REF "HOME": Proto-mode of belonging; class A prohibited concept> It is almost impossible to comprehend the thought processes of these archaic Earth-bound: they were without cybernesis, xenophytic splice-enhancement, temporal distension or indeed spatial multiplicity. We must also remember that this planet seems to have enjoyed functional global systems at this point, though the record is rather murky here.

These particular authors seem to have been venerated seers, possessed of extraordinary planetary insight. Analysis indicates that the authors are discussing a curious geo-social boundary layer they label the Anthropocene <CORE CROSS REF "ANTHROPOCENE": No record found>

The authors appear to use the term "Anthropocene" in three ways:

  • The first is as a distinct time period, defined by the projective-historic tense. Examples recovered from ITEM include: “the onset of what we have come to know as the Anthropocene” / “the humans populating the early Anthropocene” / “central tropes of the Anthropocene” / “witnessed the dawn of the Anthropocene” / “during the Anthropocene” / “early Anthropocene.” The term may therefore be the first recovered example of temporal colonization;
  • The second is as a semantic appendage. In this usage disparate items are formulated as “X in/of/within the Anthropocene.” Meta-textual examples include the itinerary in itself, which appears to be organized around the consideration of topics in relation to the Anthropocene term;
  • The third is characterized by the future-invocative tense. Curiously, the listed itinerary seems to be partly written from the perspective of the year 5000 of The Dark Lord of the Twin Moon. <NOTE: Approval for this discussion was obtained from the Temporal Bureau> It seems unfathomable that these Earth-bound believed the term Anthropocene would survive so far into their future. But we must remember that despite these creatures’ insights, they could not possibly have imagined the momentous upheavals of the 1st Quamar.

RECOMMEND That the CORE entry for ANTHROPOCENE be updated to: "Early pre-purge example of non-linear temporal anxiety; class C prohibited concept." All items and records pertaining to the sanctioned return to Earth expedition should be classified pending a full purge. No future return to Earth is advised.

All hail the Dark Lords of the Twin Moon.