Full Surrogacy Now by Sophie Lewis

Introduction by
Kai Bosworth, Elizabeth Johnson

We explore the implications of Lewis' argument that confronting unjust aspects of the surrogate industry requires not simple opposition to its technologies, but rather an abolition of the hetero-patriarchal private capitalist form in which surrogacy is embedded.

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Introducing “Full Surrogacy Now” by Sophie Lewis

Lewis’s text thinks gestation and surrogacy to radically posit a communist horizon that is free of work and capitalist value. In doing so, biological reproduction and the bodies of gestators — rather than production — serve as the starting-point for building such an imaginary.


Kai Bosworth, Elizabeth Johnson

Love, Care, and Comradeship

The relationality of Full Surrogacy Now always implies the possibility of another world. Hence, another surrogacy is possible.


Alex Loftus

Reclaiming Surrogacy

The aim of Full Surrogacy Now is not so much a thick description of the biopolitics of surrogacy as a revolutionary vision of the potential for surrogacy to explode normative framings of the natural and the technological.


Maria Fannin

Will Families be Different in the Future?

We would not call Mark Zuckerberg a worker (a term that tends to imply the class-specific meaning of the word work) just because he occasionally fries himself an egg for dinner or changes his child’s diaper, even though these actions meets the criteria for the transhistorical Marxist definition of work.


Reecia Orzeck

Full Family Now: Surrogacy Against Feminism, Response by Sophie Lewis

What really matters to me... is the abolishment of the isolated privatization of human misery: the radical scarcity and overwork that is born of the logic of marriage and of family. I hope I am not being facetious when I say: I don’t understand how a totally queered family could still be a family — or, at least, an exemplar of “the” family.


Sophie Lewis

Wages Against Gestation Work!

How we might struggle for something - surrogacy worker autonomy - and still demand everything - full surrogacy now?


Will McKeithen

Not Just Babies and Biology

Centering the strange, wild, and transformative throughout everyday life is central to Marxist and feminist thought. What follows is the next question: where to start organizing?


Paul Jackson