Feminist, Queer and Trans Geographies

Foregrounding critical, theoretical and political interventions that emerge both from feminist and non-heteronormative perspectives, experiences and geographies. Beyond just identitarian politics, this section provides a platform for writings that explore the social and spatial processes towards which feminist, queer and trans imaginations and politics gesture.

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The Anthropocene stinks! Odor, affect, and the entangled politics of livestock waste in a rural Iowa watershed

This paper by Christopher Neubert explores how research focused on odor can reveal the complicated dynamics through which bodies are enrolled into subject formation and become a terrain of political struggle.


Christopher Neubert

Austerity urbanism and Olympic counter-legacies: Gendering, defending and expanding the urban commons in East London

This article reflects on an occupation led by single mothers to contest the destruction of social housing in post-Olympics East London. In the process, it argues for a more gendered theorisation of the urban commons.


Tom Gillespie, Kate Hardy, Paul Watt

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