Feminist, Queer and Trans Geographies

Making space for a radical trans imagination: Towards a kinder, more vulnerable, geography

This essay makes a two-fold argument. First, that in failing its trans constituents, the discipline of geography falls short of its ethical, intellectual, and imaginative commitments. Second, that the task of developing a concept of space adequate to the diversity of trans experience offers an opportunity to tackle long-standing tensions in the discipline. Taking trans experience seriously requires a transversal conception of space, preferencing neither individual bodies nor societal structures as the principal site of meaning, but situating meaning instead in the ongoing, transformative, and mutually constitutive encounter between an individual and its – their – milieu. The second part of this essay sketches out the provisional contours of such a trans concept of space. Both strands of this argument come together in a call for a kinder, more vulnerable, and more solidary discipline.

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Volume 41 Issue 4

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