The Greek Elections And The Future of Europe

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January 11, 2015

A forum on the 2015 Greek elections and future prospects for the country and Europe.

A forum on the 2015 Greek elections and future prospects for the country and Europe.

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Alexis Tsipras’ Historic Greek Parliament Speech In Support Of Social Democracy, Against Neoliberalism

The Prime Minister of Greece and leader of the radical left party SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, delivered a major speech that addressed the near totality of domestic and foreign policy issues in the country’s political scene.


Alex Papadopoulos

The Greek Elections And The Rebirth Of Europe As A Political Space

As the Greek elections and the near certain victory of Syriza quickly approach, the question of Europe as a political project has once again come to the forefront. The historic rise of Syriza is not only a watershed moment for Greece, it has history making potential for all of Europe.


Peter Bratsis

Greece And The Future Of Europe

Recent reporting and commentary on the coming Greek elections has concentrated on the country’s debt and its relationship with Europe and the Eurozone. What has been discussed less is the remarkable rise of Syriza, a small protest party hovering in the past around the 3% entry to Parliament election threshold. It is a story combining historic necessity, good fortune and a large dose of popular wisdom.


Costas Douzinas

In-Between Spaces

Soon enough, on January 25, Greece will play host to yet another such moment, as it is set to witness the rise of a left-wing party, Syriza, to power ― a historical first. There are those, yours truly included, doubtful that social and historical change may ever be triggered by the parliamentary process.


Antonis Vradis

Ordnungspolitik: Germany’s Shadow Over The Greek Election

Opinion polls suggest that the anti-austerity political party Syriza will receive the largest number of votes in the forthcoming Greek parliamentary election. This is not a surprise.


John Agnew