Energy and Extraction

Examines the evolving social, ecological, cultural and geopolitical impacts of energy systems and resource extraction, with particular emphasis on the spatial relationships that structure the extraction, production, distribution and consumption of energy and other natural resources and raw materials

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Going deep: Excavation, collaboration and imagination at the Kola Superdeep Borehole

This article uses the geological notion of discontinuity – a structural break in the rock – to imagine how discontinuity might be found within the borehole itself. It does this by identifying three access points: excavation through drilling and coring, collaboration through cross-border scientific work, and imagination through art and the weird.


Charlotte Wrigley

Molar and molecular entanglements: Parenting, care and making home in the context of energy capitalism

This paper seeks to understand the mutually affecting intensities in family households that occur through the use of energy for parenting, care and making home in the societal context of energy capitalism.


Ross Gordon, Theresa Harada, Gordon Waitt

Desire for the ‘worst’: Extending nuclear attachments in southeastern New Mexico

Başak Saraç-Lesavre's paper offers an ethnographical account of activities undertaken by their Nuclear Task Force at a peculiar moment.


Başak Saraç-Lesavre

Crafting Electricity Through Social Protest: Afro-descendant And Indigenous Embera Communities Protesting For Hydroelectric Infrastructure In Utría National Park, Colombia

Development infrastructure is often discussed in terms of opposition by local and indigenous communities. Based on ethnographic fieldwork, we present the case of local indigenous Embera and Afro-descendant communities in Chocó, Colombia, that protested first to gain, and later to maintain access to electricity produced by the Mutatá hydroelectric dam in Utría National Park.


Nicolás Acosta García

Elements of logistics: Along the line of copper

Examining the conduits of production and circulation that link the extraction of copper in Chile to its storage and use in China, this article explores the political dimensions of the logistical techniques and technologies that enable these processes.


Giorgio Grappi, Brett Neilson

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