This video feature accompanies the article “The social production of container space”. Although a sizable body of popular and academic literature explores how shipping containers have reconstituted the spaces through which they travel, the space within containers themselves remains largely unexamined. In this video abstract, Haugen takes us to logistics sites across the supply chain, providing a window into how an ethnographic study of trade from China to Africa reveals the complexity and creativity of social practices that are embedded in earmarking, customs, and container loading practices. Analyzing the ways in which the space within shipping containers are socially produced rather than arithmetically defined, Haugen's video depicts the localized decisions and the social and economic forces that contribute to the crucial role shipping containers play in global logistics systems.A Chinese language version of the video is available here.*NB: Haugen chose to record the audio components of the video on site to give viewers a window into fieldwork at a container loading dock. As a result, please note that the recordings deliberately contain some ambient noise.