Urban and Urbanization

Considers the spatial form and social processes of cities and urbanization with particular attention to the geographies and politics of building theories of the urban.

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Cities after planning

In the papers that follow, we focus on the temporal dimensions of urban planning. We are particularly interested in the uneven ways in which urban spaces in the present – as (always incomplete) materializations of modernist plans past – present new predicaments not just for social life, but for the craft of planning itself.


Jenny Lindblad, Nikhil Anand

Planning context: Flexible plans and mayoral authority in French urban planning

In this article, I consider the relationship between urban planning and context by investigating the planning practices associated with a land-use plan in Bordeaux described as “adapted to context.”


Jenny Lindblad

Counterfactual future-thinking

Homing in on the protracted landscape of construction, I am concerned with how urban experts in Taksim 360, who do not entirely concur with the seemingly determined trajectory of urban transformation in Tarlabaşı, put inevitability to work. I ask: what makes urban experts stay with a project that might not materialize?


Alize Arıcan

Modernism in the present tense: “Dangerous” Scandinavian suburbs and their hereafters

Has modernism evolved from a means to create a utopian future to an architectural discontent co-opted for racist purposes? The planners who built mid-20th century Scandinavian, modernist suburbs conceived of them as places of innovation, possibility, and visionary thinking.


Jennifer Mack

Anthroposea: Planning future ecologies in Mumbai’s wetscapes

In this article, I describe Mumbai’s sea as an “anthroposea” – a sea made with ongoing anthropogenic processes across landwaters – to draw attention to the ways in which it troubles both urban planning and the making of environmental futures.


Nikhil Anand

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