Urban and Urbanization

Considers the spatial form and social processes of cities and urbanization with particular attention to the geographies and politics of building theories of the urban.

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Street Salafism: Contingency and urbanity as religious creed

Media representations such as the documentary ‘Undercover Mosque’ that aired on a British television channel in 2007 is a poignant example of how the banal, everyday life of religious spaces can be folded into – while also give succour to – such narratives.


Ajmal Hussain

Homeless shelters and the blues

In this article, I analyze the emergence of New York City’s infrastructure of homeless shelters dialectically, relationally, and historically.


Christian D Siener

Adverse commoning: Tracing contested legal geographies of the urban commons

In this article, I explore the contested legal geographies of urban commoning, considering some of the challenges, stakes, and opportunities that emerge in the effort to gain legal recognition.


Elsa Noterman

World class from within: Aspiration, connection and brokering in the Colombo real estate market

This paper explores how the aspirational urban form of the ‘world-class city’ is produced from within the city itself. Rather than focusing on global competition between cities, the analysis considers how local actors in key industries discursively and materially produce the world-class city through their labor.


Alessandra Radicati

Dispossession as depotentiation

‘Depotentiation’, as I employ the term, indicates the diminishment of imminent capacities, affects and potentialities. I propose this formulation to both complement and critique Harvey’s dominant notion of accumulation by dispossession as the commodification of the urban commons and to contribute to conceptual developments on the stratified and affective dimensions of eviction.


Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon

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