Politics & Political Theory

Dwelling in liminalities, thinking beyond inhabitation

The driving question of our exploration with this special issue—and of the workshops that preceded and the Lab that will follow it—is therefore around the propositions of the liminal urban body, being that which is simultaneously uttered and atmospheric, shouted and whistled, disruptive and repeated. In light of the relegation of the marginalised, impoverished and racialised to both objects of extraction and purveyors of liminality, what constitute viable performances of generativity beyond production? What goes beyond the crisis, if not staying close to interstices through which one has perhaps the only chance to prefigure inhabitation beyond itself? What kind of urban geographical narration—in the literal sense of writing form and style—can convey the tensioned politics of dwelling in, across and through liminalities?

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Volume 39 Issue 6

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