Settler Colonial and Indigenous Geographies

Modernity’s (non)objective character

In this discussion, I will begin by briefly reflecting on means that the Black radical tradition has provided to interrogate and desediment settler colonialism, also considering potential methods for articulating this worldview alongside Indigenous studies analytics as well as other global traditions (my own work emphasizes East Asian diasporic thought). Moving forward, my ultimate direction in contemplating both settler colonialism and its undoing is at least twofold: first, to think through the urgent interventions of Black feminism to develop a means of centering processes and relations of social reproduction—in ways distinctive from Indigenous studies frameworks and yet, in that difference, generative from any standpoint to clarify--and second, to elaborate what such perspectives yield for rethinking social death discourse, multiple regimes of captivity, and the intimacies involved in making race, space, and social life that escapes.

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