Review and open site editorial statement is an editor-reviewed companion to the EPD: Society and Space print journal. In a time where higher education and academic scholarship have become increasingly inaccessible, the site’s aim is to create a forum for scholarly and activist writing that is free and publicly accessible in both content and form. Like the journal, we are committed to projects that foreground social struggles over access to and control over space, place, region, resources, territory, and spatial knowledge production. As such, we seek contributions that investigate and challenge spatial configurations of power that differentially shape lives as well as contributions that aim to bridge struggles across space and social groups. We welcome work that is empirically engaged and furthers critical epistemological approaches, that pushes conceptual boundaries, and that puts theory to work in innovative ways within and beyond the academy. In addition, the Society and Space open site seeks to work beyond the paywalls of the publishing industry to make academia’s resources more widely available for knowledge production and social struggles on the ground.

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